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Eva Marcille of the Real Housewives Of Atlanta is pushing back against rumors that she was evicted. The rumors stem from allegations launched at Eva from one of her bridesmaids, and by fellow housewife Marlo - who repeated the claims.

This season, Eva was confronted by Marlo about allegedly being evicted from a home she was renting. On the Bravo show, Eva denied being evicted - she told the Housewives that she had to move, because she was worried about her babys father finding her.

Eva's babys father is R&B singer Kevin McCall. In the past he has threatened Eva and her new husband Michael Sterling. But recently Kevin has seemed to have calmed down.

When Eva gave the "babys father" excuse to her cast-mates, no one seemed to buy the excuse.

Well now Eva has another excuse. The former America's Next Top model is claiming that she was forced to move because Nene came to set with photo of Eva's driver license in her phone with her current address on it that the bridesmaid had given Marlo.

That's right, Eva's now blaming NENE for her moving. Eva says in the below video that she didn't want Nene, Marlo or the whole of Atlanta knowing her address. 

So she had to move urgently before they could just pull up on her.

What do you think? Is this excuse more believable???