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Atlanta Housewife DRAMA . . . Porsha Dating 'DRUG DEALER' . . . Eva Marcelle 'HIGH' On Set!!!


Atlanta Housewives Eva Marille and Porsha Williams are in drama - both surrounding DRUG allegations.

MTO News is the leading source of Atlanta Housewife drama, and boy do we have some tea.

Some details surrounding the new STORY LINES of the housewives has leaked, and it sounds JUICY. Blogger B Scott just spilled some tea on what he claims is Porsha's new storyline and Eva's.

According to B Scott Eva has been "showing up high for every event." He did not specify exactly WHAT drug she's on - or whether it is legal or illegal in nature. But he also suggested that Eva getting "high" is likely to be a part of her storyline.

B Scott also spilled some tea on Porsha's new man. B Scott described him as a "drug dealer from Detroit." It's not clear whether B Scott meant that he had drug dealer swag, or whether he was saying something MORE. Either way, it appears that Bravo intends to dig into Porsha's new man's background.

Lately Porsha has had a revolving door of men. It was reported and rumored that back in June Posha and her DISHH nation cohost Rickey Smiley had become official, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Then a few weeks after that, Porsha was revelead to be dating weave entrepreneur Derrick McKinley. McKinley is a MULTI MILLIONAIRE. Dennis made his fortune when he started he WEAVE company Queen Virgin Remy. The hair sold all over the south, and Dennis and his partners made millions.

We'll have to wait for Bravo to reveal who her new beau of the moment is when RHOA premieres in the coming months. We're sure it'll be a big story arc for her this season.