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Cynthia Bailey’s daughter Noelle Robinson came out as sexually fluid last year during an episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Well now she's revealed that she has a new girlfriend - a woman who proudly refers to herself as a "lesbian stud."

Noelle's new girlfriend is popular YouTuber Alexis Powell.

The 20-year-old Noelle revealed her new relationship on Instagram Wednesday, before posting some playful self-quarantine pics and videos with her new bae.

Then on March 17, Noelle posted an Instagram in which she’s sitting in a car, holding a massive box of beautiful black and white roses. The floral arrangement is customized with her first initial, and although the gift could have come from anyone, the caption is what may be suggesting otherwise.

“Wow okay I’m in love,” wrote Noelle. 

In the pic, Cynthia's beautiful daughter was smiling from ear-to-ear.

When you consider the fact that this is not Noelle’s first cryptic caption, it seems like she genuinely is writing about a relationship. Back on February 26, Noelle shared a photo of herself in a stunning black dress. She captioned the snap “date night.” 

Her girlfriend Alexis revealed herself in the comments, writing, ‘Anything for you.’

On a November episode of RHOA, Noelle discussed her love life with Cynthia, explaining that she is sexually fluid. 

She said that since starting college, she “definitely ended up meeting a couple of girls that I thought were cool in a romantic aspect.”

"People like to try and box everybody in and put labels on everything, but I don't really do that,” continued Noelle. “There's a lot of attractive guys and there's a lot of attractive girls. It really just came out of nowhere a little bit. I just wasn't really expecting that to happen."

Cynthia shared her support for Noelle, saying, “I just want you to be happy, Noelle. If you meet an amazing young lady, that’s a blessing. If you meet an amazing young man, that’s a blessing as long as they’re good people and they love and support you.”