Atlanta Housewife Cynthia's Boyfriend . . . Our Relationship Is NOT FAKE!!

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Atlanta Housewife Cynthia's Bailey's boyfriend told fans that his relationship with Cynthia Is REAL, and that they are not FAKING IT FOR THE SHOW. In the past, many housewives have PAID men to pretend to be their boyfriend for the cameras.

That trend continued last season, when Cynthia is believed to have paid a man to pretend to be her boyfriend on the show.

Well her new man for the upcoming season, sportscaster Mike Hill, took to social media to end the chatter. Mike told fans that his relationship with Cynthia is a "love story" not a "storyline."

Cynthia's fans were happy with Mike's comments. But some are skeptical. Especially since Cynthia doesn't seem that into her new man.

For example, two weeks ago, Mike suffered a heart scare. And instead of rushing to be by his side - the Atlanta Housewife went to the nightclub and partied with friends.

Here's what Mike posted online: