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Atlanta Housewife Cynthia and her boyfriend Mike Hill are no longer together, according to folks close with the reality star housewife.

Mike and Cynthia will be featured HEAVILY on the upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives. In fact, much of Cynthia's storyline this season, revolves around her new handsome sportscaster boyfriend.

But now that filming for the season is over - so is Cynthia's relationship with Mike. And that has people asking questions.

Cynthia's friend explained to MTO News, "Mike lives in Los Angeles and Cynthia's in Atlanta. Neither plans on moving. It just wasn't ever really going to work."

Cynthia appeared to disclose her new "single" status, with an Instagram post last night:


Fans of the Atlanta Housewives had been suspicious of Cynthia's relationship, ever since Cynthia told fans about him - shortly before filming for their season started.

 In the past, Housewives have had "fake" relationships, in order to create a storyline for themselves.

And given that the Housewives wrapped up filming last week - it seems very timely that Cynthia would break up with her "on screen" boyfriend.