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Atlanta Hotel Receptionist BEATS UP Guest & Rips Off Her Wig!! (Video)

A hotel receptionist at an upscale Atlanta hotel is going viral for fighting a hotel guest, and ripping off her wig, MTO News has learned.


And video of the fight has been captured and gone viral on social media.

The incident occurred when the receptionist and the guest got into an argument, about the cost of a room at the upscale hotel.

According to online reports, the guest accused the receptionist of being "disrespectful" and claimed that she refused to honor a heavily discounted room rate. The argument escalated, and before long the two ladies were fighting.

In the video, which MTO News has watched, the hotel receptionist can be seen grabbing the guest by her hair and pulling it violently. After a few tugs, the guest's wig came off, and the hotel receptionist held up the hair - like a trophy.

The two ladies continued fighting, until the hotel receptionist fled into an office, and locked the door behind her.

MTO News learned that police were called to the scene, but it's not clear what - if anything - they did.