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Atlanta Goons Went To DECEASED RAPPER Bankroll Fresh Mama House . . . & SHOT IT UP!!

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Two years ago, Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh died - he was shot and killed outside a local recording studio. Police closed the investigation of Bankroll Fresh's murder a few months ago.

Bankroll Fresh, whose real name is Trentavious White, died after a shootout outside of Street Execs Studio in northwest Atlanta on March 24, 2016. Surveillance video from the night White died showed a group of men outside the studio holding guns. Something off-camera appears to catch the men's attention as several of them scatter.

After years of investigating, though, officials have finally closed the case, coming to the conclusion that White, who would have turned 32 this year, was not murdered.

"Our investigation determined that he was shot in self-defense," Sgt. John Chafee with the Atlanta Police Department told 11Alive Tuesday night.

Well the men who killed him, are still trying to get REVENGE against the deceased rapper. Goons pulled up at his MAMA's house yesterday and SHOT IT UP. Bankroll's niece was shot in the arm during the incident. Capt. Andrew Senzer with the department said about 17 rounds were fired into the front bedroom of the home.

Chafee said right now, investigators don't believe the drive-by shooting was in any way related to the shooting that killed White, but they are still trying to find out why they shot at the house.

Here's the local news report: