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Atlanta Girl Gets BEAT UP At Graduation . .  Dragged In Her CAP AND GOWN!! (Video)


A disturbing video has gone viral. It was taken at an Atlanta graduation - and it shows a brutal beat down of one of the graduates.

The incident occurred at Martin Luther King High School - one of the most VIOLENT schools in the Atlanta area. Martin Luther King High  - or MLK as it's called in the hood - is located in Dekalb County.

According to folks in the know, the girl who got BEAT was a graduating senior. And the one who did the beating is a JUNIOR. She was not expected to graduate in 2018.

MTO News learned that the non-graduate had been trying to FIGHT the girl for weeks, but she could never catch her. So she decided to PULL UP AT GRADUATION - where she knew she'd find her.

And then she dragged the poor graduate . . . in her CAP and GOWN.