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Atlanta Housewives Porsha Williams had a baby four months ago, and she already lost 90% of the baby fat.

But unfortunately for her, 90% is not enough for some of her fans.

Yesterday Porsha posted some bikini pics at a public pool, with her daughter Pilar. Porsha looked great in her very tasteful bikini, but women all over her comment section told the Atlanta Housewife that she should "wear a coverup" because her "pregnancy fat" was showing.

Here are the pics that started the mess:

Eventually the Real Housewife of Atlanta clapped back at the fans - for suggesting that as new mom, she needed to cover up her "pregnancy fat."

Porsha wrote on Instagram, "I had Pj 4 months ago and I just don’t feel ready to workout." She added, "The snap back culture has put pressure on most moms so they end up feeling insecure about what their body is naturally doing and looks like."

Porsha continued, "Ion know call me weird but I actually adore my lil marks and feel like it’s a lil badge of honor as all moms should."