Atlanta Housewife Kandi's daughter Riley is BLASTING her moms reality star husband Todd Tucker - claiming he's an "opportunist."

This upcoming season of the Atlanta Housewives is looking like it will BRING THE DRAMA - especially where Kandi and her family are concerned.

The explosive comments from 16 year old Riley were first reported by Radar Online. 

According to the website, 16-year-old Riley is firing shots at her mother's husband Todd. The teenager thinks that Kandi should NOT get pregnant, and should not expand her family with Todd.

The teen reportedly is telling friends that her step-father Todd is an "opportunist" looking to take advantage of Kandi.

Here's how the mag put it:

“Riley’s always thought Todd was an opportunist and doesn’t like him to this day,” the source claimed. “Riley hears him on the phone talking to his friends acting like he’s the biggest celebrity in Atlanta and it drives her insane.”

But Riley's fears may soon be realized. MTO News confirmed that Kandi is currently pregnant. She and Todd have been undergoing fertility treatments for months, and they appear to have succeeded.

In addition...according to Radar Online:

“Riley wants out of the house and wants Kandi to buy her an apartment,” a family insider told Radar. “Riley can’t stand looking at him and doesn’t want to be in the same house any longer.”

“She thinks Todd’s controlling, manipulative and she’s tired of him acting like he’s her father,” the source tattled. “Kandi’s freaking out and doesn’t know what to do.”