Atl Housewives CHAOS . . . Housewife Loses Peach . . . DEMOTED!! (Tea + Receipts)

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MTO News learned that Tanya Sam has been demoted, she is no longer a peach holder on the Atlanta Housewives. Producers of the Atlanta Housewives are in FULL PANIC mode, and there is CHAOS surrounding the upcoming season. According to folks both in production and at Bravo, the upcoming season is seen as a "disaster" and production is doing ANY AND EVERYTHING to try and shake things up - to make the season more interesting.

MTO NEWS CONFIRMED that in a last ditch effort to try and create drama, Bravo has DEMOTED one of the Housewives  Tanya Sam - effectively snatching her peach.

According to a top snitch at Bravo, Tanya Sam had already been hired as a "housewife" and been given a peach. But last week, they "snatched" her peach from her.

And we have receipts. Here is an image of the promo images that Bravo released two weeks ago, showing all the housewives. Tanya is in the middle:


Here is the image of the cast that was released yesterday - notice Tanya is not there anymore:


Tanya was demoted last week. Her demotion was meant to serve as a warning to all the other cast members - to create drama in their storylines OR ELSE. 

In an emergency meeting held last week, MTO News learned that producers told the entire cast that they have to create MORE DRAMA or they will get their peach SNATCHED LIKE TANYA SAM.

Yesterday the producers leaked the trailer for the upcoming season, and it's getting PANNED by fans of the show. Many are calling the new season "boring", with "stale" and "predictable" storylines.

But the trailer was released a week later than expected. That's because producers had to re-edit it, after making the last minute determination that Tanya would NOT be a main cast member this season.