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ATL HOUSEWIVES: Bravo Cameras Capture 'STRESS' . . . In Kandi & Todd's Marriage!!


Kandi and Todd may be the latest couple to have their marriage destroyed by reality television, a Bravo insider confirmed to MTO News. The insider claims that the upcoming season of the Housewives will show "strains" in the couple;'s marriage.

The insider explained, "Kandi and Todd have a lot going on. Kandi's going on tour, she's got a new makeup line, and her restaurant is expanding." And all the extra work, is taking a toll on her marriage with Todd.

According to the insider, Todd and Kandi are arguing more. The insider explained, :Kandi doesn't feel like Todd is pulling his weight. She's doing all the heavy lifting, and it's like he's just riding her coattails and getting all the benefits."

MTO News learned that producers are hoping to "play up" the fissures in Kandi's marriage, and EXAGGERATE some of their problems - to bring drama to the upcoming season. One person familiar with the production told MTO News, "[Todd and Kandi] are having issues, but [Bravo] is going to make it look like they're headed for divorce."