Atl Housewife Porsha's New Man . . . ACCUSED Of Beating Pregnant Ex!!!

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Atlanta Housewife Porsha's fiance Dennis McKinley is being accused of physically abusing a pregnant ex. While Dennis and Porsha are happily enjoying their pregnancy, they were hit with these DEVASTATING new accusations.

And the accusations have Dennis and Porsha trending on social media. 

It all started when Dennis' ex’s daughter took to social media, and made the devastating allegations against Porsha's new man.

Jamecia Simmons, the daughter of Dennis’ ex-GF Shanise Thomason, claims that the serial entrepreneur misappropriated his company Queen Virgin Remy from Shanise.

Jamecia claims that Dennis put his name down as the sole owner of Queen Virgin Remy hair company when he “didn’t have money or a car to get around in.” Further, the young woman alleges McKinley physically abused her mom, while she was pregnant.

“You ain’t nothing but a fraud, crook & a thief,” she began. “You out here holding Porsha’s stomach in pics but the whole time my mom was pregnant by you … you jumped on her and beat on her. Am I lying McKinley? All the hurt you caused my mom, I’ll never forgive you!!!”

Jamecia continued: “U have been trying to get on TV for the longest, that’s why u tried to settle with my mom before the show aired. But everything u have done to ppl is gonna come out! U are the DEVIL & and your karma is about to come back around.”

Jamecia removed the post describing Dennis' "abuse" after only a few hours. But by then, it had already been picked up by dozens of publications. Dennis and Porsha were viral - with the abuse claims trending on social media.

Dennis is currently in the midst of a bitter legal battle with Shanise, where she alleges that he misappropriated his company - Queen Virgin Remy - from her. In Dennis defense, Shanise never made any allegations of physical violence in her legal claims against him.