Porsha from the Atlanta Housewives mother got a facelift - and she looks amazing. Porsha's mom - Diane T. Williams is absolutely gorgeous.

Diane is now 61 years old - and she looks spectacular. MTO News learned that Diane recently underwent a few facial surgical procedures (that we're collectively referring to as a facelift). And the results of the surgeries is spectacular.

Diane attended the Women's Expo in Atlanta with her daughter and she actually looked PRETTIER THAN PORSHA. That's a pretty tall task - given that Porsha is GORGEOUS too.

Porsha is currently pregnant with her first child by her fiancé Dennis. The Atlanta Housewife was glowing all afternoon at the event. Clearly the pregnancy is adding to Porsha's beauty.

But even with the extra glow - Porsha still couldn't hold a candle to her 61 year old gorgeous mom.

Here are pics from the event: