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Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams and her fiance Dennis McKinley are together again. Porsha confirmed yesterday on her TV show Dish Nation that she and Dennis have reconciled.

Porsha told fans that she and Dennis are together and are "taking one day at a time."

Porsha also revealed that she and Dennis spent the weekend together in Toronto, and he "paid for his own ticket."

But at the end of the clip - Porsha implied that she and Dennis split, because of his alleged cheating. One of Porsha's co-stars on Dish Nation asked why the two split and Da Brat, another co-star on Dish Nation, told him to "look ip up online."

Porsha nodding approvingly at Da Brat's comment.

Well we looked it up, on Google. If you look up "Why did Porsha and Dennis break up" on Google - the first 26 results are news reports explicitly or implicitly saying that Dennis cheated on Porsha.