MTO News just got some really scorching tea - about the fake Real Housewives Of Atlanta  storyline, between Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley.

In the current season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha appears to "discover" one of Dennis' alleged mistresses. Porsha told the Bravo cameras that she found "something" on Dennis phone, and now thinks that he is "cheating" on her.

Well the entire storyline is fake, according to a top source inside production.

The producer explained, "I can't say whether Dennis did or didn't cheat - but the breakup between him and Porsha was staged as a storyline."

The producer continued, "Porsha didn't find anything on his phone, she lied. You'll see as the season goes on that her lie doesn't make any sense at all. The story - how she caught Dennis - it all doesn't make any sense."

And last night - we caught the first glimpse of Porsha and Dennis' faked storyline - they introduced his alleged "mistress" Sincerely Ward. And her appearance - well, didn't make any sense.

The alleged mistress, Sincerely Ward, who starred on the reality series WAGS Atlanta, was conveniently at Kandi Burruss’ Old Lady Gang restaurant while the Bravo cameras were filming - and she approached Kandi and Cynthia, to address the rumors.

She denied everything, and even denied knowing Dennis. The entire scene with Sincerely, Cynthia, and Eva seemed forced and awkward. 

And it also didn't fit into the real timeline of events.

You see, Porsha split with Dennis in early May. And blogger Tasha K's first reported on the alleged relationship between Dennis and Sincerely in more than a month later - in June.