Kenya will NOT be getting a reality show for her baby shower - either with E! Network or with WE Network. That's because Bravo is BLOCKING Kenya from signing a deal with either network.

According to multiple sources, Kenya Moore signed a non-compete clause with Bravo - that runs until Spring of 2019. Under the terms of the agreement, Kenya can not film a reality show until then.

Unfortunately for Kenya, that will be long after she gives birth to her baby - since she's due next month.

MTO News told you that Kenya was in late stage negotiations with both E! and WE to get her own show. Well according to a new report from Radar Online - Bravo shut down both deals - out of spite.

The mag reported:

Moore was making a last-ditch effort to get her pregnancy on television, but Bravo thwarted her plan to switch networks. Said the source, “She told WEtv that Bravo cast her as a villain. NO. She cast herself that way.”

“She approached WEtv but Kenya is still under a Bravo contract until May 2019, well after her baby will be born,” the insider explained.

“Bravo sent her attorney a copy of her signed contract dated 4/2012 and her amended one from 6/2014 with a ‘friendly reminder’ to follow all the terms or face ‘penalties,’” the source said.

Looks like Kenya won't be on any show - at least until next summer.

The mag also claims that Kenya learned that she would not be getting a show DURING her baby shower - and started crying. Here's what they say:

 “She was crying in the bathroom and Marc had to secretly go inside and calm her down.”