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ATL Housewife Kandi's Daughter RILEY Lost 40 Pounds . . . No Longer A 'CHUBBY' Chick!!


Kandi Burress daughter Riley is only 16 years old - and is already making MAJOR life changes. Riley has started working out daily - and eating right. And she showed off the results of her hard work.

The teen lost almost 40 pounds - and is now a SKINNY GAL. Riley posted the below pic on her Instagram, and just about EVERYONE that saw it congratulated the gal for her accomplishment.

Riley spoke openly recently about being insecure about her weight. According to online reports, she was nervous that she was too "big" - and wanted to do something about it.

Well we liked the way that Riley looked BEFORE . . . but we LOVE the way she looks now. Congrats to her.


Earlier this year Kandi said that, "Riley is talking to me about her college ideas and choices that she's thinking about right now. She's only in the 10th grade, but it's the time she's supposed to start thinking about those things," Kandi recently told The Daily Dish, noting that law seems to be in Riley's master plan. "So we've been talking [about] college a lot and what car she's getting for her 16th birthday and stuff like that."

As for other happenings in Riley's life, Kandi also offered an update on the current status of her relationship with her dad, Russell "Block" Spencer, following some attempts to reconcile their relationship last season. "They haven't advanced much and I would just say it's Riley's doing at this point," her mom said. "He has been reaching out and trying to talk to her, but she's built up this wall and it's gonna be hard figuring out how to get through it."