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Porsha was dating a very handsome man in May, the month that her new baby was conceived. The man we're talking about is NOT Dennis McKinley. 

Porsha claims on next weeks episode of the Atlanta Housewives that her and Dennis were non-exclusive in May.

That's interesting because Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Porsha's due date is in Jan/February, which makes her date of conception April/May.

Yes. The same May that Porsha claims that she was not exclusively dating her fiance Dennis.

Kandi suggests in upcoming episodes of the Atlanta Housewives that Porsha was "dating" men around the time her baby was conceived. She also implies that Porsha may have questions about the paternity of her child.

Porsha and Dennis have spoken out publicly, and blasted Kandi's assertion is ridiculous. Porsha maintains that she was ONLY having intercourse with one man last May - her fiance Dennis.

MTO News exclusively obtained photos of the man that Porsha was seeing in May. It's not clear how serious the two were - but Porsha did attend Shamea's birthday party (on May 13th) with the handsome gentleman, and we have pics of them together.


Porsha is currently engaged to Dennis McKinley, and the two are expecting a baby together.