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ATL Housewife Kandi FLIRTS With Housewife GIZELLE . . . Invites Her To 'S*X DUNGEON'!!!


Kandi Burress appeared to be SHOOTING HER SHOT at fellow housewife Gizelle. Kandi Burress was flirting heavy with fellow Housewife Gizelle Bryant - for the Housewives of Potomac County in a new interview.

Some online are saying that Kandi appeared to be trying to "hook up" with her fellow housewife. The two were on social media discussing how to keep a relationship "spicy." And during the conversation, the topic of Kandis "s*x dungeon" came up And that's when things got extra FLIRTY.

Kandi fiercely denied having a sex dungeon after rumors sprang up about her personal life in Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. But now Kandi is thinking that having a sex dungeon might not be "such a bad idea" after all.

Kandi opens up about that scandalous time on RHOA to Gizelle in the new Bravo digital series Housewife to Housewife. After the Potomac Housewife wondered if there really is a sex dungeon, Kandi confirmed that no, there is not "at this time." "You know what, obviously in the beginning because it was a lie and everything, I was kind of upset about the whole situation," Kandi explained. "But after I've had time to think about it, I was like, 'You know what? That sex dungeon isn't such a bad idea.' I might need to work on that."

After that, Gizelle jokingly said, "I think I want to come to the s*x dungeon."

Kandi got DEAD SERIOUS, and replied to her, "You would be so welcome. We'll have to talk about that later."

Kandi has admitted to being a "freak" in her marriage to husband Todd. She also admitted to having threesomes in the past, albeit not necessarily with her husband. According to Kandi, she has had multiple "threesomes" in the past - all involving other women.