ATL Housewife Kandi And Husband . . . Invite Deelishis To 'S*X DUNGEON'!! (Lingerie Pix)

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Kandi Burress and her husband Todd are known to be "freaks" - and they invited Deelishis into their "s*x dungeon". The couple shared an image showing Kandi and Deelishis in some sort of a "sexy" environment. Both women are wearing lingerie, and appear to be fully done up (hair and makeup-wise).

Kandi is known for being very open s*xually. She's admitted to having been s*xually involved with women in the past, and to having threesomes. Kandi once said in an interview, “I’ve already told all those girls, ‘yes I’ve had a girl experience before’, it was never a secret.”

 Its not clear where the ladies are, but it looks like some sort of a "s*x dungeon." You'll really that Phaedra Parks was fired from the Atlanta Housewives for suggesting that Kandi and her husband Todd had some sort of a "s*x dungeon" in their home.