Atl Housewife Eva's CRAZY BABY DADDY . . . May CRASH Her Wedding!!!

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Atlanta Housewife Eva Marcelle is worried her baby father Kevin McCall may crash her wedding. Eva is getting married this Saturday in Atlanta to fiancee Michael Sterling, and she's worried that her CRAZED baby father Kevin McCall plans on destroying her wedding.

Eva's wedding is scheduled to be filmed for the Bravo cameras this weekend - and Eva has  production taking extra security measures - to make sure that Eva's baby father Kevin McCall doesn't show up to destroy the event.

In the past, Kevin McCall has threatened Eva and her fiancé Michael Sterling with physical violence. Additionally, Kevin has ties to gang members in Los Angeles - and was shot in a drive by last year.

We're told that Eva is TERRIFIED that Kevin might show up, act violently and destroy her day.

According to multiple insiders, both in production and with Bravo, the network has hired ARMED SECURITY to make sure that Kevin will not show up at the wedding.

And that's not all. The network is taking EXTRA security measures. For example, they have not told ANY OF THE GUESTS where the wedding will take place yet. Guests are told to show up at a location, and they will transported to the event.

A production insider explained, "We hired a security firm with Israeli special forces, to make sure that nothing goes wrong."

A Bravo insider told MTO New, "If Kevin shows up, he'll have to get through trained armed guards. He'll need an army to get through our security."

We hope that Kevin isn't trying anything crazy. He's been unusually silent on social media for the past couple of weeks.