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Eva Marcille of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is trending this morning. Fans learned that the former model changed her daughter's last name, to her current husband's.

Eva's daughter Marley Rae's last name was McCall - after her father R&B singer Kevin McCall. But now, since Eva has full custody of Marley, she went to court  and removed Marley's father's name from her. 

Eva legally had her daughter's last name changed to "Sterling" so that her name would match Eva's new husband Michael Sterling's.

The  Atlanta Housewife announced the name change on The Ricky Smiley Show yesterday, and she's going viral over it.

She explained to fans, "Marley was born in 2014 and I gave her her biological father's name." Eva continued, "Two months [after Marley was born] we became estranged, and I raised her as a single mom."

Eva continued, "Then the good Lord saw fit to send me an amazing man, Michael Sterling, who became may husband and the father of my later children."

She ended, "Marley is the only one [in our family] without the Sterling name. So I saw it necessary and Mike saw it necessary to change her name."

Marley's father Kevin hasn't responded publicly to Eva's decision - but he did retweet this:

Marcille said on Sunday, a judge granted the name change so her daughter is now legally Marley Rae Sterling. As such, the toddler’s official documents — including her birth certificate and social security card — will be changed to reflect that.

“For my family it’s amazing,” Marcille continues. “I never wanted her to feel like odd man out. … She started our family, and since she’s the head as far as the kids are concerned, I felt it necessary that she take the same name that we have.”

Considering McCall later appeared to publicly disown Marley in 2017 after seeing his daughter’s bond with Sterling, Marcille may have more reasoning behind making the change. However, many online don’t agree with the choice the soon-to-be mother of three made.