Atl Housewife Cynthia Parties . . . After New BF Has 'HEART ATTACK'!!!

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Cynthia from the Atlanta Housewives new man was admitted to a hospital In Los Angeles on Monday after suffering from signs of a possible heart attack. Instead of flying across the country to be with her sick man - Cynthia PARTIED in Atlanta.

Mike, who is a TV host on FOX Sports, was rushed to the hospital after suffering from chest pains. He revealed his ordeal on social media. In one video, he showed that he was hooked up to a machine to have his heart rate monitored. "Well, this is going down right now, all kind of chest monitors and stuff like that. Signs of getting old," he said in the video. "Pray for me. I don't want to die."

It's not clear whether Mike actually suffered a heart attack - but clearly something is wrong with his heart. 


Mike shared that he was resting in his hospital room and that he would be under observation overnight. "Thanks for the messages, everybody. I'll be all right — I hope. Just having a little observation, having a little issue with the ticker," he said in his Instagram Story. "But you know what? God is good, and I'll be fine. So they're keeping me overnight, and I'll keep you updated."

What was Cynthia doing - while all this was going down? Well she posted #GetWellSoon on his page . . . then she went out PARTYING in Atlanta. It's not clear whether she discussed visiting Mike in the hospital, before deciding to party in Atlanta instead.

Here's Cynthia partying at the Growing Up Hip Hop party - while Mike - the man she tells friend that she loves - was in his hospital bed.