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Atlanta Housewife Cynthia may need to keep a close eye on her new boyfriend Mike Hill. He appears to be caught staring at Cynthia's sister Mal's butt - while Cynthia was just a few feet away.

It all happened last week, at an event that was sponsored by Cynthia - and filmed by the Bravo cameras.

During the event, Cynthia brought her sister Mal on stage with her - and boyfriend Mike Hill was on stage also. And when Mike caught a glimpse of Mal in the dress - he couldn't HELP himself.

As the below photos show, Mike was caught staring at Cynthia's sister's body. And it appears that his eyes were fixated on her butt.

Look at Mike. He's not even trying to be slick about it. We wonder what Cynthia thinks about all this . . . 


Here are pics, showing that the woman in the flower dress in Cynthia's sister Mal:


When asked by Bravo TV why she thinks things got so serious with the Fox Sports host so quickly, she gave a brief lesson on their history.

“Mike and I were dating other people when we first met through my friend, Steve Harvey. We took our time getting to know each other as friends first. At that time, neither one of us were ready to commit to a serious exclusive relationship, and we weren’t in a rush. We have both been divorced and wanted to take our time. So things actually started off slow. After about four months of dating each other, we decided to date exclusively. Once Mike and I were only focused on each other, things started to move a lot faster. We literally went from chilling to #CHill!”