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Atl Housewife Nene And Gregg's Cancer Fight - Surgery UPDATE!!


Gregg and Nene Leakes have been fighting the battle of their lives - with Gregg suffering from an aggressive strain of cancer, MTO News has confirmed. 

The couple announced this summer that Gregg was fighting for his life - and now we are happy to announce, that it looks like Greg is winning.

MTO News spoke with a person close with the Leakes family who told us that Greg and Nene flew to Texas last month, to have surgery to remove cancerous cells from Gregg's body.

Since then, Greg has been using HOLISTIC TREATMENTS to get himself back in shape - and it's working.

The insider explained, "Greg is back in Atlanta and he's out and about. He's even gone to events with the rest of the Housewives cast."

We've all been praying for Gregg and NeNe. And so far - it looks like our prayers have been answered.

Earlier this summer, NeNe confirmed that her husband, Gregg Leakes, has been diagnosed with cancer. At the time, The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom made it clear that she and her longtime love planned to take on the diagnosis head-on, writing, “Our New Normal and the fight begins.”

In the wake of the diagnosis, the Atlanta crew stepped up to show their support for Gregg as he changed up his lifestyle in order to battle the disease.

Now, several months after the diagnosis was revealed, NeNe is offering some insight into how her husband is doing, noting that their son, Brentt, definitely stepped up to care for his dad. She added, “I prayed and prayed for Gregg to have a full recovery and I think God heard me.”