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Astroworld Security Guard Was Reportedly Hired 'On The Spot'

A security guard at Astroworld said he was hired at the last minute and without any experience.

"I don't believe I was prepared," Jackson Bush said. "I believe if we were all prepared the right way, that stuff would not have happened the way it did. Honestly, even with the amount of people that passed and went unconscious … the amount of injuries could have been avoided."

He said that the guards were paid around $17 per hour.

9 people have died in the Astroworld crowd surge. The death toll could rise.

"Everybody in that venue, starting from the artist on down, has a responsibility for public safety," Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña told CNN earlier this week.

"I'm not prepared to say that he was fully aware of the — of what was going on," he said. "All I'm saying is that everybody at that event — from the artist on down, security, and everybody that's there to provide public safety, including the crowds, right? — in general, we all have a responsibility when we attend these venues to ensure each other's safety. We're a community at these events."