ASTON MARTIN Reveals Its Latest LUXURY RIDE . . . It Is Making A SUPER LUXURY SPEED BOAT!! (PICS And Details)


Here's Aston Martin's stunning new voice-controlled "superyacht," a sleek, impressive vessel suitable for the likes of the rich and famous.

These sleek renderings show the luxury car maker's AM37, a voice-controlled speedboat capable of reaching up to 60 knots. With a fingerprint sensor instead of a key, there's space for eight people and it's controlled through apps on a tablet.

The firm, which supplies vehicles for James Bond movies, aims to produce a series of powerboats as luxurious and hi-tech as its cars. The AM47 will be available later this year and, according to press material, "is the result of years of research and development, challenging the status quo of the nautical world."

Owners will use a tablet to control the boat, and can also use apps to start the air conditioning, the fridge and the coffee machine while still at home or while driving to the marina. Navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems are all integrated into the 15-inch touchscreen, which can also be controlled by voice.

The price - approximately $1 MILLION.