Asia's Top BROTHEL Reopens; Women Now Wear 'Covid Shields'!! (Vid)


The top brothel in Asia is open again, after closing six months ago at the height of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, MTO News has learned. The brothel, which is located in the country of Singapore, reopened this week - and it's making international news.

In Singapore, licensed prostitutes offer sex from brothels in official red-light areas. Women come to work in these high-end brothels from nearby countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China, often on tourist visas.

The highest end of the brothels, where patrons pay more than $1,000 USD per hour. re-opened this week.

According to local reports, the most popular brothel in Singapore - and all of Asia - reopened. And they are doing everything to keep their customers safe from COVID-19.

MTO News learned that the brothel mandates that all the women wear "COVID masks," or plastic shields during every "face to face" interaction. The women are only allowed to remove the mask if their face is . . . elsewhere.

The brothel also claims that they use frozen nitrogen gas to clean every room after use - killing the virus instantly.

Here's the video:

In an attempt to regulate the sex trade, Singapore allows licensed brothels to operate in designated areas. The licensing process, controlled by the police, is murky and the number of establishments is not made public - but it's between 80 and 90.

It's not clear how many of the legal brothels have been allowed to re-open.