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Asian Store BOYCOTTED For Assaulting Black Women . . . Does A SALE . . .Look What Happens!!


Last week an Asian man who owns Jun’s Beauty Supply in Tulsa, Oklahoma was caught on video punching a Black female customer in the face and giving her a bloody nose. The video went viral, and people from the community BOYCOTTED the store. Well the boycott is now OVER and Jun;s business is better than ever.

What did he do? Well he put the weaves on SALE.

Locals say this store owner has a history of violence against Black female customers. So Black men started protesting outside of the store, in an effort to shut him down. 

The owner announced a 50% of sale on the products, and now there is a line of Black females customers outside of his store trying to get in. And some of them even started arguing AGAINST the Black male protesters. 

Many on social media are UPSET that the community didn't stand FIRM with the boycott. But others are happy that the boycott lead to a reduction in WEAVE PRICES in the city.