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An Asian man in New York City was harassed and racially profiled yesterday, while taking the subway to work. The incident was captured on video.

Here is the video, that has gone viral

The Asian man was quietly standing in the subway car, when he was approached by another passenger - and African American man.

MTO News has learned that the Asian man, who is of Chinese ancestry, is American born and has lived in the United States his entire life.

But perhaps that possibility did not occur to the passenger who told the Asian man to "get away" from him - and suggested that the Asian man may be infected with the coronavirus.

The angry passenger then asked other subway passengers to help him move the Asian man. He implored other subway riders, "Tell him to move."

Then - he pulled out a bottle of aerosol disinfectant - and sprayed it on the Asian man.

Eventually the Asian man fought back, and got in the angry passenger's face and it led to a tense standoff.

Luckily for everyone, the standoff ended peacefully - and the Asian man got off the train.

Asians across the globe are facing an uptick in racism, ever since the coronavirus began spreading.

Here is the video, that has gone viral