Asian Doll Slammed Over Ill-Timed Colorism Tweet

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Rapper Asian Doll faced backlash on Twitter after she hopped online to make a point about colorism amid the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests.

"Alot of light skin girls posting 'black lives matter' like you hoes not racists too. Y'all bullied darkskin girls all our life thinking y'all was better then us, talked bout our skin color, called us monkeys," she wrote.

"You hoes FRAUD but keep spreading fake love you hoes will NEVER understand us." She continued, "Light skin b*tches way evil and jealous to darkskin girls then the white folks but that's a different racist topic." 

While many agreed with Asian's point, many of her followers felt that her timing was off considering the current state of affairs. Protests have been taking place in major cities across the world following the death of unarmed Black man, George Floyd.

There is also a worldwide pandemic, hundreds of thousands of American's being infected with COVID-19.