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Asian Doll Says She Wants To Marry Jackboy

Asian Doll has just been dating Jackboy for a few weeks but says she's ready for marriage.

"My problem is I wanna move in together now get married & start a family [crying laughing emoji] Tf we waiting on," she tweeted.

"Jack need to marry me let's tie the knot n*gga [teary face emoji]," she added.

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In September, Jackboy confirmed that he is dating the rapper but refused to say whether he was in love with her.

 "Love… that's a super duper word right there. I don't like to play with my love. But I'm rocking with her, she cool. But love that's a strong, strong word," he said at the time.

King Von fans also called her out for continuing to call herself Queen Von.

"He don't give a f*ck. He don't give a f*ck. He don't give me jealous vibes," she said. "He don't give a fuck about none of that sh*t."

Is marriage too soon?