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Gucci Mane's female artist Asian Doll is claiming that the Ice Cream rapper FORCED her to get breast implants. And the allegations are causing controversy on Twitter, especially among Black feminists.

Asian Doll is a buzzing new rapper, that was signed to Gucci Mane's label a little under a year ago. She was the first female rapper ever signed to Gucci as an artist.

But what did she have to do to get signed? A secret recording of Asian Doll was leaked, where she explained how Gucci Mane forced her to get her breasts augmented. She claims that he wrote into her contract that she was obligated to get plastic surgery - under the contract.

Asian Doll was reluctant to go through with the surgery. But eventually, she succumb to the enormous pressure - and the knowledge that she could be sued by Gucci if she didn't live up to her contract.

Here's Asian Doll telling folks that it was in her "contract: that she had to get plastic surgery on her breasts:

Here's what she looked like before:


And here's Asian Doll now:

The 22-year-old Dallas native has kicked around the game for several years,  drawing attention for her standout guest verse on Bhad Bhabie's "Hi Bich (Remix)." On the strength of that feature, Asian Doll joined Babie's Banned in the USA Tour, which wrapped up last year in Los Angeles.

Doll sat down with XXL's The Break to discuss her goals. "Keep leading the youth. I feel like girls—especially from the hood, where I'm from—they have no voice. They have nobody," she said. "Sometimes when you get super famous, you forget what you started doing this shit for. I just wanna keep motivating the girls [to] keep being themselves. Especially for dark skin girls."