This weekend, Ashley Darby, star of the Real Housewives of the Potomac, had her baby shower. Most of her co-stars from the Bravo TV reality show attended - and from the looks of the pics, the event was beautiful.

Ashley’s floral-themed baby shower took place at the La Vie, a Penthouse in Washington, D.C. The restaurant includes waterfront views, which several of the guests took pictures in front of, and fireworks.

On the current season of Real Housewives of Potomac, viewers are watching Ashley Darby try to have a child with her husband, Michael. Her healthy eating habits and her heating pad finally paid off - because the mother-to-be is now very pregnant with a baby boy.

There was one housewife that did not attend the baby shower - Candace Dillard. Candace and Ashley have been butting heads all season . . . and so we guess it makes sense that she was not invited to Ashley's party.

OG ‘RHOP’ star Charrise showed up to support Ashley. She wore a long off-white dress and posted a picture with Robyn, Ashley, and Gizelle. Charrisse wished the new parents “endless days of love with their baby.”

Gizelle spoke about Ashley’s pregnancy and her husband’s dismissed sexual assault case in May 2019 with OK! Magazine. Even though she condemns Michael’s actions, she still says she’s happy for them expanding their family. Gizelle arrived in an orange sundress and matching heels and posted an Instagram story where Ashley thanked everyone who came for being a support system for her.

Here are pics from the event: