R&B singer Ashanti is used to going viral these days, but this time it's not for anything good.

Usually Ashanti goes viral over how GREAT she looks in photos. But yesterday pics of the 38 year old singer were released - and the haters came for her like buzzards,

The pics were taken as Ashanti made a guest appearance on the TV show Extra at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles. Ashanti looked nice in a very short purple outfit, that showed off her legs.

But the haters focus on the "cellulite" on Ashanti's legs, and are started making hateful comments about the singer's shape on social media.

Some of the more vicious haters on Twitter are calling Ashanti's legs "old looking" and "ashy."

Here are the pics:


According to a local Houston news affliate, "Two weeks after Nipsey Hussle’s shocking death, R&B star Ashanti is still in “disbelief” about the beloved rapper’s passing.

Hussle was shot and killed on March 31 outside his clothing store in South Los Angeles. 

“I’m still little bit in disbelief,” Ashanti shared while stopping by ET Live on Monday. “Going to the funeral, I think it shocked me a little bit and it became a reality, seeing the casket on the stage. It was like everyone stood back like, ‘This really happened,’ and it just shows you that life is so short and so precious.” 

“He’s such an amazing person and an amazing spirit and he’s done so much,” she added. “He had so much more that he was doing.”

The “Foolish” singer noted how special it was to see the “overflowing” love from fans following the musician’s death and even more significant to see how those who didn’t even know him have felt his loss.

“It’s so weird, I got a text from one of my friends, and she didn’t know him personally at all, and she’s like, ‘My heart is hurting,’” Ashanti said. “You didn’t have to know him personally. He touched people without you knowing the person.”

Ashanti, real name Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, is one of the most successful female music artists in history. Throughout her career, Ashanti has sold over 15 million records worldwide.