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R&B singer Ashanti may be in a world of trouble. She's going viral today for feeling up a male fan on stage. And the man's girlfriend is all over social media, calling what Ashanti did a "sexual assault."

The star brought one of her male fans on stage this weekend, and made him part of the show.

Ashanti sat the man down in a chair, and put a blindfold over his eyes. 

Then things went crazy. Ashanti gave the willing man a lap dance in front of thousands of her fans before she reached down and grabbed the guy's junk. "It could be yours if I was yo lady," she wrote as her caption. 

Here are pics from the event:

So everything seems consensual right - so what's the problem???

It turns out that her male fan has a girlfriend - and she's full of jealousy over the event. She went on Twitter last night, claiming that what Ashanti did should be considered a "sexual assault."

The Grammy Award-winning singer was in Los Angeles last week shooting a music video for her “Pretty Little Thing” song featuring music artist Afro B. She apparently created the song as part of her clothing campaign for her swimwear collection with online boutique PrettyLittleThing.

Seemingly between takes shooting her video, the R&B artist also uploaded a chain of pictures flexing her beauty all over social media, sporting all-white wear. She rocked a white, long-sleeved ruched top with a matching miniskirt. The two-piece clothing set revealed the star’s super toned abs and killer legs.

She completed her summer look with a sky blue finger nail polish, an embellished ring set, diamond stud earrings, black-framed aviator sunglasses and long wet wavy beach tresses.