Ashanti Denies Ja Rule Dating Rumors: We Never Messed With Each Other

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Pop singer Ashanti shut down rumors that she and Ja Rule dated during the peak of their careers.

"Our chemistry was so ill," she said, speaking on her connection with Ja. "We never messed with each other like it never was even a thing."

She continued, "So we could not see each other for months and we would be at an awards show and perform on stage and it would look like we've been together the whole day. Even sometimes we would be coordinated with our outfits," she added. "It's crazy to have that kind of chemistry with someone you're not in a relationship with."

Last week, Ashanti went viral after Fat Joe informed her that Irv Gotti initially wanted to replace the singer on "What's Luv?" with Jennifer Lopez.

"Irv and Ja had called me, and they woke me up [at] like 3 in the morning, and they say, 'Yo, come down, we made a song for you," he said. "I go to the studio, it was like 4 in the morning. They played 'What's Luv?' and you on it. And they was telling me, 'Yo, this is for you and J. Lo. We want the Latinos on this," he said. "I was like, yo, J. Lo? She [Ashanti] sound amazing on here," Joe continued. "I was like, 'Nah, we leaving her there.'"