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A$AP Bari has pleaded guilty to a drug charge which stemmed from a case back in November 2018.

Per the plea deal, Bari will not have to do any jail time or probation but he will have to pay a fine of $4,000 according to TMZ.

Bari over by police in Palmer Township, Pa., where he was reportedly found with 24 circular tins of marijuana inside his vehicle. He was then taken to Northampton County Prison where police reportedly found three more tins of marijuana inside his underwear during a strip-search.

He was charged with five misdemeanor charges including possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also charged with two felonies. Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver marijuana and criminal conspiracy to commit to possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. 

Those charges were dropped.

Just months ago, Bari pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault in the U.K after a video of him slapping a woman's behind and demanding oral sex went viral online.