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T.I. and David Banner has also stepped up to add their two cents in the "King of R&B" debate.

Jacquees' comments where he claimed to currently hold the title has got more than just a few people heated, and as we edge closer to the weekend, the discussion shows no sign of slowing down.

Banner tweeted:

"A King serves the kingdom. A God answers the prayers of the people. If you say you are a king or a god and you do neither, you are just a selfish f%ck with a little bread. #theGodbox"

T.I. screenshot the post, adding the caption: 

"Truer words never spoken sir!!!! #WhatItMeansToBeKing"

And how's Jacquees feeling about all of the backlash?

We don't think he really cares. You know what they say, all publicity is good publicity...