A new article is going viral. The article claims that women who "marry down" are the most happy. The article stated, "The reason so many intelligent, eligible women find it difficult to find a man [is] they're aiming too high. A study found educated women want to marry up — and there aren't enough brainy high-earners to go around."

The article was published today in the UK's Daily Mail, and it's going viral all over the internet. Its being shared by men and women alike, and everyone has something to say about the report.

The article follows 3 women, the first is a woman named Catharine, who attended Oxford University, and has a masters in modern history - her husband James dropped out of high school at 15.

Here's what Catharine says:

My parents are far too polite to comment on James's educational background or to judge people on their outward persona. Mum was concerned, however. One girlfriend confessed she'd asked her to check him out for her! She reported back that we were madly in love.

James is not intimidated by my friends. Over the years he has bonded with two of my family members who are both seriously high-brow academics. We married in 2005 and live near Biarritz, south-west France, renovating properties, and are blissfully happy.

While I am happiest curled up with a Mary Wesley novel, James never reads. But I didn't marry him to discuss literature.

The second woman is Fiona, she also has a masters degree, her husband dropped out of school at 16.

Here's what Fiona says:

I now juggle running a successful PR company with stints directing television programmes. Steve is an engineer. He redefines what it means to be handy! It is no bother to Steve to build some cupboards over the weekend. He is in his element painting and decorating or poring over the manual for a new gadget, whereas I struggle to wire a plug.

Forget the flashy car I used to be driven around in, there is nothing sexier than a handy man who can make you laugh.. . 

When I look at our wedding pictures I don't see a D.H. Lawrence-loving university graduate with a former shop worker who reads DIY manuals. I see a happily married couple who love one another and are best friends.

The third woman is Sami, who has an MBA and a teaching certificate - her husband dropped out at 16.

Here's what Sami says:

My ex-husband travelled for work and I felt he wasn't very sympathetic when he came home. Turning 30 was a wake-up call for me. I realised I wanted to spend my working days doing something that mattered. My ex couldn't fathom my thinking and our marriage failed.

Six years ago when I was 31 I moved to London to make a fresh start.It was then I met my husband Sami. He'd put an ad on a website looking for like-minded single people to go travelling with. He was working as a cleaner for a company renting apartments.

I didn't have many friends in London, so thought, 'why not'. We travelled around Europe. Needless to say we didn't stay in smart hotels. Within three months we were dating. Sami proposed five months later.