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Arizona Teen Black Girl Suspended For Hitting Boy After Hearing 'Pick Cotton'!!

MTO News learned that a 16-year-old African American girl is facing a two-day suspension in school, for hitting a boy who she believed used a racist phrase against her.


And the incident was captured on video and has since gone viral.

The teen boy - along with a group of other boys - were making fun of the Black teen. One of the boys in the group appears to tell the African American girl, “Go pick my cotton — it’s that way”

Telling a Black person to "pick cotton" is a racist insult.

The teen girl got angry and defended herself from racist abuse.

According to social media posters, this incident allegedly happened at Queen Creek High School in Queen Creek, AZ. After the video went viral, the school got involved and both students received a 2-week suspension.

Many on social media are upset that the African American girl was punished at all.

She appeared to be defending herself against a gang of racist bullies.