Dreamville artist Aril Lennox was reportedly booted from the 'House of Blues' and claimed that the owner treated her friends "like trash."

“Houston I adore you and this was my one of my favorite shows outside of the terrible vibes given by the owner of that hot ass venue. The venue’s owner treated my friends like trash and I don’t play that sh*t. You f*ck with my friends you f*ck with me!” she said of her stop at the Houston venue.

“Venues owner was talking to my friend like he was going to put his hands on her. Not cute. Never again! This pos kicked us out simply because I decided not to take a picture with the owner after he completely disrespected my friends who are the souls behind Shea butter baby tour!!!! I don’t play with aggression or entitlement. I’ll give that sh*t right tf back” she tweeted.

Before adding, "When I tell you Houston I adore you I really do. I’m disgusted I even partnered with that terrible venue."