Dreamville singer, Ari Lennox, has spoken out in defense of Rihanna ho has been taking her time creating her upcoming reggae album - much to the dismay of her fans.

"How do you feel about Rihanna not releasing music," she said via her livestream.

"Rihanna has been dropping heat, since she was a lil sixteen-year-old baby, pounding it on the goddamn motherf*ck a** replay. She never stops. This woman found love. This woman got a goddamn makeup company. This woman got a goddamn fashion line. This woman just became a billionaire f*cking sensation goddess, and you have the nerve to cry and scream about Rihanna not dropping any music?!"

She added that Riri's upcoming album will be the "best f*cking music you ever heard in the f*cking long a** time. You're gonna be twerking that goddamn a** on the stage. Listen, be patient. The queen is coming, and it's gonna be f*cking fantastic. It's gonna be out of this world. ...She deserves to take her motherf*cking time."

Y'all agree with Ari?