Ari Fletcher Encourages Fans To Get Plastic Surgery


Ari Fletcher took to Twitter to encourage her followers to have plastic surgery -- and buy the body they want!

"It's 2020 get you some surgery sis, don't let these people discourage you. BUY THE BODY YOU WANT!!!" she tweeted.

After being called out by fans recently for having butt implants, Ari let fans know that she has never denied having plastic surgery. She claims that her booty is real, but admits to having surgery on her breasts -- and says she's going under the knife again for an upgrade.

"I NEVER said I didn't have surgery. I said my ass is real. And I'm going for new titties again as soon as they open."

A follower then responded and said her butt's not real.

"Y'all be so tight," Ari clapped back. "Ain't no fat transferred back here. Stop being jealous, that's so ugly!!!" 

Ya'll believe that Ari's booty is real, or nah?

How many other celebs y'all think went under the knife but claimed that they were all-natural?