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New allegations have surfaced, concerning a violent encounter between rapper Moneybagg Yo and his girlfriend Ari Fletcher. But according to the report, it was Ari that was allegedly abusing the rapper Moneybagg Yo.

A woman named Monica (Here's her IG) claims that she witnessed Ari allegedly abusing Moneybagg. According to Monica, Ari punched Moneybagg repeatedly, and ran after him as he fled the assault.

The incident, according to the woman, occurred inside a Miami nightclub.

Monica told one media outlet:

“MoneyBagg Yo was hosting at Exchange in Miami. He walked out first and then Ari ran after him without her shoes on and punched him from the back.”

And then added:

“She was chasing after him. I’m pretty sure I saw her wig come off too.”

Here's a video that purports to show the aftermath of the altercation.

After the news broke of Moneybagg's alleged assault yesterday, the rapper tried his best to shut down the rumors. He told fans that he and Ari are still together, and wants fans to focus on what's most important - that he'll soon be releasing new music.