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Two of the most popular social media celebrities, Ari Fletcher and Alexis Skyy, got into a heated argument last night at the club.

Alexis Skyy, who has a child with Fetty Wap, and Ari Fletcher, who is dating rapper Moneybagg Yo and has a son with G Herbo, first started beefing on social media last month.

It's not entirely clear what started the beef between the two ladies, but according to the rumor mill, it all started over nails! Alexis reportedly got her nails done at a length similar to Ari’s. After she posted pics of her new nail style, social media followers began comparing her to Ari.

This comparison apparently did not sit well with Ari who then fired a shot at Fetty's baby's mama, saying that she paved the way for women like Alexis.

Alexis then responded with, “You b*tches .. are weird af I’m in my own lane I don’t hate on no one all these trolls tagging me in sh*t saying I’m trying be like this person. Let me make something clear I love myself I’m beautiful inside and out! I been real humble. I paved the way for these b*tches.”

The two beauties have been throwing shots at each other on social media for the past month.

Last night, they both appeared at the same club and this is what went down: