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Katt Williams and his former flame Hazel-E might be back together.

If you remember, the pair dated in 2014 for two years before a rather un-amicable split in 2016. But this very recent picked has surfaced online.

Just two months ago, Williams was calling her pretty much every name under the sun.

“Remember she showed up with that little boy that was like 19?” he had said on Instagram Live! “That n*gga was a full-fledged killer, and she had that n*gga out here on motherf*ckin’ red carpets and sh*t with a bow tie on? If you don’t get 17 felonies the f*ck up out of the ‘Littlefoot’ premiere. You crossed the line.”

He cited her lack of faith as one of the main reasons for the breakup.

“Truthfully, that’s why I left her,” he said. “The b*tch is a god d*mn atheist. I told her ‘Before God, I was the king of the n*gga.’ This b*tch said ‘I don’t believe in God or n*gga.’ I said ‘B*tch, if you don’t get your satanic, demonic, I-wanna-be-a-cracker in the face ass up outta here. I will call down the ghost of Sojourner Truth to walk up your motherf*ckin' street. What in the Harriet Tubman is this light skinned ugly b*tch talking about? How the f*ck is you light skin and ugly?”

Hazel-E has been spending time in Dubai. Williams also weighed in on that too:

“Hazel-E was ugly while I was f*cking the b*tch... Soon as I leave, the b*tch nose is crooked. She got a under and over bite. The b*tch is in Dubai getting sh*t on. I love it. Fellas, if your woman goes to Dubai, you know how cleanliness is next to Godliness? Well say Du-bye to that b*tch. They giving them b*tches 10 racks to sh*t on them.”

Her ex Rose Burgundy is not happy about the rumored reunion:

Well, now she's back and they seem to be on friendly terms? Have they reunited or do you think they both happened to be at the same spot at the same time?