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Apryl Jones from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood continues to make news. Apryl had two children from B2K lead singer Omarion. But now she's sleeping with Omarion's B2K bandmate Lil Fizz.

And now it appears that Lil Fizz is taking over another role as well, the role as "father" to Omarion's two sons.

Apryl made the explosive claims in a new video, that was posted online this weekend. In the video, Apryl calls Lil Fizz an "Angel sent into [her] life."

She continues, "When it pertains with me dealing with the father of my children [Omarion] and how difficult it has been, [Lil Fizz] has stepped in."

And she claims that Fizz is being a father to Omarion's children. She added, "[Lil Fizz] steps in so that I can get some sleep. Or when he sees that I don't have anyone to help with the children."

Later on in the video is that part that went viral a few weeks ago, when she explained how Lil Fizz "deserves" her "p*ssy."