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Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Apryl Jones recently declared that Lil Fizz is "deserving of the p*ssy" during a recent interview with VH1.

Apryl has single-handedly been whipping up a buzz for the upcoming series of the show. From her drunken antics on Instagram Live to rumors that she and Lil Fizz are dating - Apryl has ensured that she will be at the center of the upcoming season.

But she claims that Fizz has not tasted the goods yet!

"A b*tch needs some d*ck, and I'd rather give it to a person that's my friend as opposed to someone who is just a guy that I'm knowing. He's deserving of the p*ssy. Let's just be really honest. Dreaux is definitely deserving of the p*ssy. If I decide to give it to him one day I would be proud of that because I have given guys my vagina that don't deserve it."

Apryl claims that they have been close for years and that Fizz has been an amazing friend to her, but that they would need counseling before they became an item.

"I have fallen in love with best friends before," Apryl said. "I'm not opposed I wouldn't or couldn't fall in love with him. But I think where we are is where we are.."

Apryl is not on good terms with Omarion, the father of her son, who is also Fizz's longtime friend.